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Thread: Bedroom Suite SU to Completed Project

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    Bedroom Suite SU to Completed Project

    This is my first project designed in SU and then completed in my shop.

    The design was based on sketches from my granddaugher and drawn in SU with some help from Dave on the curves and other features. The main parts have loose mortise/tenon joints which I modeled. I used the cutlist for a bill of material in the shop.

    The finish is Waco nat oil with a poly top coat.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails JillsBed (478 x 296).jpg   JillsDresser (600 x 371).jpg   JillsNightStand (478 x 307).jpg   PhotoJillsBed.jpg   PhotoJillsJewleryDwr.jpg  

    PhotoJillsNightStand.jpg   PictureJillsDresser.jpg  

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    Nice work Keith! I really like all those little jewelry drawers in the dresser. Neat idea.
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    Very nicely done!
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    The front that folds down to expose the small drawers has no visible handle or latch. The latch is placed in a recess under the top and to operate you push up on the latch and 2 spring loaded plungers push the front open at the top far enough that you can complete the opening by grabbing the ends. It was fun to figure out how to make it work. I started with 2 magnetic push to release latches but with the front being so narrow it didn't work. I kept the 2 latches but positioned them so they can't latch but are always pushing on the front. I delevnred them from Ohio to Detroit last week end and they arrived without a scratch. Jill was very pleased. She had seen them in progress but not with any finish.


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    Gorgeous work, Keith. I really like the curved legs. It's cool seeing a design go from the computer to reality, and you sure made it happen on this one.
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    looks like you got it under control for sure did sketchup tell you how many sheets of sand paper tooo what did you use for the headboard attachment to the strechers?
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    Lovely, but next time post BIGGER PHOTOS please.
    I also like the tiny drawers along the top. Very unique, nice detail.

    (no cracks about needing glasses thankyouverymuch)
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    I used bed bolts (1 per joint) + a dowel at top and bottom. It seems very sturdy. The design was a platform bed with slats replacing the box spring. I used (21) 1 3/4 x 3/4 popular slats set in dados in the support on each side. the middle support rail is 3" wide oak 7/8 thick without a center leg. This gives the mattress good support but still has some flex.

    PS Sorry about the picture size. First time posting pictures and tried to keep file size to a min. guess I over did it.

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    Great job on both the planning and the execution. Love to see stuff like that.

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    I too like the curves. Mind if I shamelessly copy your headboard design this summer?

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