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Thread: Plywood (from where)

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    Plywood (from where)

    On another forum there has been a lot of discussion about Chinese plywood and its poor quality. A few months ago people shopping at both Home Depot and Lowes complained the only plywood available was made in China, this past weekend I heard several reports of people going to those same stored and only seeing made in US plywood and made in Canada OSB. Are people here seeing the same thing? We heard reports from Richmond, Seattle and Portland.

    Also I wonder if people are using made in China plywood are they happy with the quality?

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    For the most part, the plywood we see in Japan is made in Japan, the sizes are very different that the Canadian or the US markets, and mostly, the cheap stuff is really poor quality, but recently, I've noticed that even the mid to higher priced stuff, is lacking as well, I'm sure it is down to the cost of things in general.

    Plywood, even the "Cheap" stuff is expensive over here......
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    The CDX I was buying several years ago for the walls my shop was cheap. Just a few weeks ago and again last weekend I bought some A-C plywood for the cabinets in my shop from a local lumberyard. US made and surprisingly good quality.

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