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    Quite a few of the regular WW suppliers resell them. But, I believe, this company makes the ones the others sell.

    I had one. Two things I would change:
    #1) I wouldn't lose it.
    #2) I would spend the extra money and get the electrically heated kind.

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    Chuck, I know Vaughn uses a brand that I think he made, as does Stu. I think they just heat them with a torch...they will chime in soon.

    I have played around with a $15 woodburner/soldering iron thing with different tips but haven't had much luck. Coming up with a unique brand is a struggle for me too.
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    "Coming up with a unique brand is a struggle for me too."

    That's the problem with those things: lots of people have them, and they all look pretty much the same. You look at it and you say "Oh, they spent 79 bucks at Rockler..." But that's just one of those 'other woodworkers know that trick' things...

    What's cool are the medallions that get inset. I'm still working on a design (need to master the new version of photoshop, but I've settled on something, and I'm almost done. A couple people on here can make them (PM me for a name), figure 1.50 to 2.00 each (you get a lot of them for the price of a branding iron...

    I've heard some people do something similar, by laser printing a logo on parchment, and then printing it off on real honest to goodness parchment, which they then embed and put the finish over, but I've never seen it actually done. That might be cool too...



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    Chuck, my 'VM' brand is just a bent wire tip I made for one of my woodburning pens. The pen is a Create-A-Tip from Razertip. For the other 3rd grade-looking printing that I add, I use a 3/32" Razertip ball stylus pen.

    You might also poke around the site. They can make you a branding iron that's smaller than the typical Rockler/Woodcraft offerings.
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    Laser Name Disks


    You seem to be a branding iron type guy but I will say I make 1.5 in round wood disks and laser things like"from the shop of" on them.

    You drill a shallow 1.5 inch hole and glue the disk in to put your "brand" on the item.

    I would be glad to try a very small version to see how it works.

    One laser head I know engraved a few letters on a grain of rice. So if you have good eyes we should be able to make something that will work.

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    I use one. My supplier wouldn't be any use to you because there is a big puddle in the middle that means that the we use counterclockwise elctricity or something technical like that.

    Before my curent electric one I used a simple flame heated one that I got from I was happy with them. Helpful and efficient. No comments on prices 'cos I didn't really shop around but they make a good product.

    How many impressions are you likely to make? If you are likely to do more than one at a time then I would strongly commend spending the extra moolah on an electric version because that will give you more uniform and consistent heating. If you are just doing the odd one now and then, then the flame heated versions work well and save the cost.

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    I have one of the electric ones that was given to me as a present. Iím glad it was the electric one as it is easy to use. It is one of the generic ones but serves the purpose. It would be nice for more flexibility in the designs, but then the price point would probably be much higher or they would get to big. If I could put more originality into it for about the same money that would be what I would change.

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    I have one from Brand new and it does not work well at all. $ 300 +

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