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Thread: Embarrassing request

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    Embarrassing request

    I am on Social Security and due to gas and everything else going up in cost I am unable to save money towards a starter table saw. Might a member have a decent portable TS left over from up grading to a larger TS that they would be willing to donate to me ? I would do my best to pay the shipping. I live in East Texas, 75681 zip code.

    I can get all the wood I want from a local mill and from our local dump. But I need a TS to get myself started. I will not be building anything for resale. I will be making small projects for family and friends and to have a way to help me pass time.

    I am embarressed to have to make this request but I will have no other way to get a TS if I don't.
    Thank you

    Feel free to email me at...

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    John, don't feel bad for your request. Not at all. That is what this site is all about. Helping other members. I don't have anything to donate, but I hope someone here does. I've found some cheap and free stuff on Craigslist. I see that there is an east texas craigslist. Here's to you getting what you need.
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    No need to be embarrassed, John. Heck, you're a couple years too late, or I'd have a benchtop tablesaw I could donate.

    Aside from Craigslist, another source might be one of the Freecycle groups. Go to and poke around a bit.
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    I've made a couple trips to the local steel salvage yard to find a odd type of tube and noticed a couple of table saws that were still useable while I was looking around....perhaps you could check your local steel scrap yard.
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    As one who lives on SS, I can empathize. I recently acquired a jointer at a rummage sale. Keep looking. My personal rule is: nothing in unless something goes out. I sell some items made in my shop and am reducing the amount of unused 'stuff' I have acquired over the decades. Keep looking and put the word out locally. Good luck.
    Now, I'm soon going to make a post that (sorta) blows all that.

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    I sincerely hope that something turns up for you soon. Hey, no one will disagree with "free is the best price".


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    There are items that pop up here now and then looking for a home so, its not a bad question. I have a kind of a silly method for saving for such things (took me a year and a half to get my jointer). When I am planning to do something completely normal that would in some way or another cost me, and I don't do it; I set that money aside.

    Example, I am going to go visit friends over the weekend. Plans change and I don't go; that's $12 in gas. I set it aside. LOML and I plan to go out to dinner but, end up staying home; that's like $40 or so at least. I set it aside, etc., etc. . . . . Told you it was silly; but it works.
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    John, There is a current thread over on Woodnet about a couple of guys getting ready to upgrade and getting rid of their benchtop T-saws. Might be worth checking out.

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