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Thread: Spalted Cherry Turning

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    Spalted Cherry Turning

    Turned this vase from a piece of spalted cherry. It is approx 8"high, finished with multiple coats of poly. This is my first night trying to join you guys here at family woodworking, lathe land. Pleased to be here. Mitch
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    Welcome aboard, Mitch. (And glad to see you got in.)

    That's a pretty special piece of cherry. Nicely done.
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    Thanks Vaughn, and also thanks for the help. Takes me a while but I usually arrive. mitch

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    Welcome, Mitch!
    Very nice piece of cherry!
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    Mitch, that is a gorgeous piece.

    Glad you've found your way to the forum.

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    Hey Mitch, you made it

    Welcome to the Family!

    Nice looking piece you have there, isn't spalted wood fun to turn

    Keep them coming!
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    Welcome Mitch to the Family. Great looking vase.
    Bernie W.

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    Mitch - Welcome to the Family! Beautiful piece of Cherry! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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    Gord Rock
    Thanks Gord. Those carvers mallets are nice. Just recently needed one so turned one from oak. Mitch

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    Thank you Mohammad. Mitch

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