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Thread: Any one here use the Clearstream filters for their wet/dry vacs?

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    Any one here use the Clearstream filters for their wet/dry vacs?

    I'm thinking about ordering a couple of the Clearstream filters made of the Gortex material. If you have used them, how do you like them? Have they held up well? For those with the Ridgid shop vacs, did you use any of the Ridgid Hepa filters along the way, and if so, how do they compare? Thanks! Jim.
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    I had routinely used the Sears Craftsman red stripe filters until my local Sears store had the Clearstream that was sized as a red stripe replacement on closeout for $6.99 which is about half of the red stripe filter price.

    To my surprise and delight they work as advertised and are easy to clean and take much longer to clog up than a paper filter. I just take off the filter and go outside and tap the hard end with the handle of a stiff brush. After I have knocked all the dust out of the pleats in the filter I brush it with the brush and it is like new.

    I went back and bought several as backups. I like 'em!
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    I'm using them in my Ridgid vacs. They stay cleaner longer and are easier to shake out when you let the vac get over-full. Not that any of us here would ever do that.

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    Been using (the same) one in my Sears vac for about five years, and it still seems good as new.

    The (sears model) one in my Fein Turbo II is about three years old, and is also still good.

    Got one of mine at Rocklers, and the other one at Hartville Hardware.
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    Been using one on my big Ridgid for a couple years. Just picked up another one. Hosed off the old one (looks like new) and put it in my small Ridgid, put the new one in the big Ridgid. Cleanstream does warn against using high pressure air or a brush. Tap them clean or wash them out with the hose if you have let the cleaning duty go too long.
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