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Thread: Unknown wood

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    Unknown wood

    Does anyone know what wood this is. I got in in a freecycle bag of firewood. (It'ss not finished yet, the base is on my lathe waiting a new belt.)

    The wood is really dense and heavy and hard. Also seems quite oily and finishes to a shine off the gouge.

    Thanks Pete

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    All I know is I want some. Loverly.

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    99.9% sure it is cocobolo by your description, dense, oily, takes a shine from the tool. It looks like a bit of sapwood on the edge. I got a pile of it in the garage from a sale Rockler. Why it would be in firewood is beyoud me.

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    My first thought was Coco until I read "bag of firewood". I woulnd't have expected to find Coco in such a source, but all things are possible.
    Billy B.

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    The bag of firewood was advertised as 'clear out of my workshop, mostly hard wood, all under 12"

    It included about 8 rough blanks in oak, 2 lengths of maple, one piece of elm and this which was dirty and didn't look much at first. You never know what you are going to find do you?


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    I was also thinking cocobolo before I saw the other responses. Whatever it is, it's a nice piece, Pete.
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    Very nice piece. Whatever it is it sure did turn out nice.
    Bernie W.

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