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Thread: A Loss

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    A Loss

    A family in our church with 5 daughters 22 down to about 9 the last 2 twins just lost their oldest in a car accident while moving with her brand new husband to be based in Texas. Please for those of you that pray - pray for the family this is going to be real hard for them. This is a family I know real well & they have lived life the way you'd all like to see a family live & grow up together. It just breaks my heart to see this happen.
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    Truly tragic.

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people, it is left to us to wonder why

    Thoughts and prayers sent Bart.
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    I hope everyone is doing the best they can now. I lost my best friend from high school to a car accident back in my early college days. The first year was rough, then the next couple "anniversaries".

    Sometimes just being there is more than words.

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    Done deal, Bart!
    Billy B.

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    I'll add them to my prayer list.

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    You Got It !

    Sad story, sorry for their, and your, loss.
    Don Orr

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    this is hard to read and even harder because I have a 22and a half year old daugher currently attending college up near Buffalo NY. Its a 500 mile drive, and she does it herself and my hair is already grey and I sit on pins and needles everytime she leaves until I know shes there.
    I cant imagine the grief this family is going through.
    My heart goes out to them.

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