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Thread: Sorby, spiralling, and textureing detail.

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    Sorby, spiralling, and textureing detail.

    Posting these two pictures for those who want a better look at the detail work I tried to do on these turnings using the Sorby spiralling and textureing tool. It is capable of doing a lot of different things but there is hardly no literature or instructions so you need to practice a lot with the four different cutters. Mitch
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    It looks like that you are well past the basic instructions point.

    I once emailed Sorby regarding one of their tools (I think I was confused about the way it worked) and they sent me a free CD with short videos. One of those videos also demonstrated how texturing tool could be used. You can try your luck too.

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    Sorby's website has a lot of video clips. Sorby Check under movie clips.
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    That's very cool, Mitch. I agree with look like you're way past the beginner stage.
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    Thanks guys. It takes some practice but eventually you figure out how to do some of the things that are possible to do with the tool. What is confusing there are 4 wheels that you can use and they look alike and they aren't named or nothing, so you forget which does what. I did find the Sorby page and saw some of their video clips.This is good for decorating the bottom of a bowl or vase etc. Mitch

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