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Thread: lost my baby tonight...

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    lost my baby tonight...

    Snuggle with your cat today.

    I did for the last time with mine tonight. He was not ill, ate his dinner just fine. Several hours later. while laying at my feet, he let out a loud moan, shuddered and was gone. He was 14. I rescued him from the pound 9 years ago.

    And if you only have a dog, give him/her a good rub down, too. Tomorrow may be too late.

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    I'm very sorry to see the sad news, Carol. Take some comfort in the fact that you gave him 9 great years that he otherwise might not have had.

    All three of my dogs will get special pets tonight.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a good friend that went out for his evening rounds, came in, curled up next to the door and whimpered once or twice and was gone... It's very hard when they go so unexpectedly.

    This helps me sometimes....

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    carol, so sorry for your loss. people who don't have pets they love have no idea what this fuss is all about.

    but it's about this: pets love you unconditionally, all the time. if we could learn just a little of their accepting quality it would be a completely different world. saying that, i'm going to try harder today.
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    My heart goes out to you. Lost one of the best friends I ever had, my Yorkie, after thirteen years a couple months back. It was devastating.

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    Hope you do as well as you can.

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    Carol, so sorry to hear of your loss. It's always hard to lose a loved one, even our four legged ones. I have 2 Irish littermates that are going to be 13 next week. My boy is not doing well, and I know the day is near. When you're ready, look for another rescue. The need is great. Jim.
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    Pets are part of our lives and a member of our family, we miss them as well as we miss those that we love and see them pass away.

    My heart is with you Carol.
    Best regards,

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    Sincere condolences. Lost one of my best friends last fall (Lab Mix) and I have another that is 13 and on his way. The first days are the toughest....


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    Hi Carol, please accept my sympathies on the passing of your furry friend. There's no pain like loss.

    Thank you for rescuing him from the pound and giving him a happy home for 9 years. You did a good thing, and he loved you for it.

    Greg made a great suggestion about using the Pet Loss Web site. Look up the Monday night Candle Ceremony. I lit a candle every Monday night for a long time after losing my puppymill rescue Beagle Andie. My fiance at the time thought I was nuts to do that, but it did make me feel better (and less alone) to remember her that way. They really are your friends and give you so much love in return.

    Snuggling my Beagles,

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