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Thread: Delta Table saw opinion needed

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    Delta Table saw opinion needed

    I'm thinking of buying a used Delta table saw off Craig's List. No part number, has a cast iron table and good looking fence (at least in the picture). 1 and 1/2 HP motor, asking price $325. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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    If you can post a link to the pictures, it might help us get a better idea of what you are looking at. Especially given the number of tablesaws Delta has made over the years.

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    Yep, get a model number and year of manufacture. Delta table saws run the gamut, price wise. Mine cost $89.00 new. Be careful.

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    customer service is next to useless so beware. I would look at a new Grizzly for that money. If you don't like Grizzly, wait and buy a Jet.

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    How high is up? As mentioned earlier, you haven't given us anything to work with. Most any Unisaw is a good deal at $325. Delta makes some universal motor homeowner saws you wouldn't want as a gift.

    thnx, jack vines

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