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Thread: A Peek Inside

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    A Peek Inside

    Heres a peek inside my shop for now guys. I don't think many have seen it and it's still in progerss as far as situating machines and getting things like the dust collection up and moveing the machine tools into the new addition, my girlfriend is haveing built for Christmas, and getting thme out of the wood shop
    This I got over the weekend . A 12" Porter

    This is my Powermatic # 10 mortiser

    My Southbend lathe for makeing machine parts and jigs

    The Bridgeport fo flat metal work

    My bandsaw

    And a singel tennoning machine Millbury

    and my radialarm saw

    I will try to get some better pics of the shop during Christmas when it's a little more organised
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    Hey Reg,
    Those tools put together are some of the heaviest duty tools I have seen in anyone's personal shop. What do you do for a living, are you a rock and roll star? (opps, He may be...Shhhh) I don't think Northfield makes a lap top and if they did you would get a hundred pounder from the looks of your other equipment! ( and a new lap, ) In all seriousness congratulations on your choice of machinery. Happy woodworking and thanks for the glimpse.
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    That's what I call some serious machines Reg, that much weight would go right through the floor of my Shed-Shop !! Thanks for the peek !


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    Darn Reg I envy you for that Bridgeport!!!
    Nice shop guy.

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    That's a bunch of very interesting achinery that you have there, Reg.
    Cheers, Frank

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    LOLOL....rock star . If I were I would be collecting women. I wanted to have a nice shop to be able to make what I wanted. Its a HOBBY shop for now. By the way I am a machinest for now too. I have a wonderful girlfriend that wants me to be home and work from my shop. She puts up with my machines and smiles when she "hint" how good something would look in the house....and she travles with me to go and get the pieces, the ones I don't ship.
    It is sometimes cheeper to buy those big ARN pieces and do a little work on them than to buy the newer stuff. I stole that big bandsaw for a meer $900 bucks.
    I will do my best to have everything in place before I have to go back to work after Christmas vacation but I am not sure since I have to be an elf and make a few things for ppl.

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    That's some nice iron, Reg. I particularly like the bandsaw, probably because out of the collection, that's the one I'd be likely to use the most.

    Thanks for the tour, and looking forward to seeing things after the addition is complete.
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    Reg, my jaw just kept dropping at each pic, man, I have to pick it up off the floor.

    $900 for that bandsaw........ What kind of gun did you use.....

    I sure do agree with you on the old arn, I've got a couple, Big Blue, my resaw bandsaw, and the Green Meanie, my 10" jointer, both are old arn for Japan, and with a little work, they are great, and cost less than 1/4 of the cost of a new one.

    Man that is going to be one great shop!

    Look forward to your New Years updates!
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    nice shop reg!! i like the ol` unipoint..
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    very cool tools there Reg. thanks for sharing

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