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Thread: Thanks - & Gloat

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    Thanks - & Gloat

    A while back I asked about accessories for a new lathe. Well, I bought a used Nova locally, and a Supernova chuck from Lee Valley. I also purchased a new chainsaw for chairmaking and bowl preparation. See - per the rules, pics are attached

    I was able to borrow some turning tools to get started. Now its on to learn to sharpen, turn, and find trees to turn into shavings.

    Thanks for all you help in deciding what to get and I'm sure I'll have many more questions coming soon.

    Lastly - I have now recovered from my Achilles rupture. Its so nice to be able to walk again. I still need to be careful, but I'm on the mend.

    - Norb
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    OUCH on the Achilles rupture, that has to hurt!

    Hope you heal quickly!

    Great job on the lathe, and the saw, I'm sure both will serve you well for a VERY long time!
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