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Thread: subscribed threads - a mini-howto

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    subscribed threads - a mini-howto

    Just learned how to use the subscribed threads feature today. Pretty much just go to the "Thread Tools" drop down when in a thread - this is at the top of the thread (but not the top of a page) and is the leftmost drop down. Then select the subscribe option. One of the things you can do is get an email update when new posts are made (the default is no). I just wanted to make a personal "archive" of a thread to read later (Tom Clark's how to build shop cabinets in this case) so I left it at no email updates.

    Ok, I have a thread subscribed, how do I find it when I'm ready to read it later when it has fallen to page 18 or so? In the "quick links" drop down Near the top right of the page is a "subscribed threads" option. Click this and it will take you to a list of all your subscribed threads.

    I found this feature to be neat and thought that some of the rest of us that don't already know about this feature would find this thread useful.

    Happy sawdust and curlies!

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    Thanks for the mini-tutorial, Mark. I've not used the subscribed threads feature here, but I do on another site that I visit less frequently.
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