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Thread: Silver Maple box on presentation stand

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    Silver Maple box on presentation stand

    This is my first real attempt to making a box. The hollowed form is made from silver maple. The presentation stand is part of the box and it and the lid are turned from same wood and painted black and varnished. I was a little apprehensive about getting the lid to fit but lucked out and the first time I cut it out it popped right on and fits perfect.Has to be luck because wet wood is hard to fit first time and keep it that way till it is sealed and dried. Second picture is of this hybrid box I call it, with the lid off. Last picture is same box with lid upside down. This is pretty big at 10 " high. Once again multiple coats of varnish to seal the wood and keep from splitting. I like poly but there is a down side to using it, you must use a lot to keep from splitting, but it is too glossy when I take a picture and I don't like this. I tried semi gloss and satin but they come out the same. Mitch
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    Mitch that is a great looking box. Have you ever tried Minwax Antique Oil or Danish Oil? You can get them from Ace Hardware. I soak green HF's and boxes till they won't take anymore for about 10 minutes then wipe of the excess. Wait 24 hrs and then I give them about 3 more coats after I let each on dry 24 hrs. I haven't had any problems with cracking and doesn't give you the shine like poly but gives it a great natural look.
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    Thanks Bernie. I knew you used antique oil but I wasn't aware you used it to work as a sealer.We have an Ace hardware close by so I will try it next turning. Your talking about using this oil when turning wet wood aren't you? Wish I had it for that ne bowl I just posted. I think it would of looked great. Thanks Bern. Mitch
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    I sure like that one.

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    Thank you Garry for the reply. Mitch

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    Wow, Mitch That is simply beautiful.
    Well done!


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    Thank you very much Don. Mitch

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