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    NE Presentation

    This turning is turned from willow.and finished with tinted poly,even though the willow is pretty it is very white and doesn't show up good.Over two thirds of this bowl is three thirty seconds thick except close to the bark where it is one eighth of an inch. Was afraid the bark would dry up and fall away from the wood if kept it so thin.Before applying the poly coats this turning was mostly transluscent. I think if I made one more pass with my tool when turning I would have blown this baby to pieces.I posted 3 pictures of this turning but am disappointed with the gloss on the bowl . Need to use it for sealing but it is too glossy on the picture.As this bowl sits on my desk there is no gloss on the bark but the center of the bowl is like someone was shining a light on it.I turned a bunch of these bowls in the year and a half I have been turning and I think this is my favorite.
    I almost forgot to mention, this was turned from wet willow and presented several problems that users of dry wood wouldn't face. Mitch
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    Wow, that's thin Mitch. What are the dimensions?
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    Nice bowl Mitch. Boy is that thing thin. Yep I probably would have used a oil instead of poly. Just my humble opinion.
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    Thanks for the reply. The dimensions for the ne bowl are, length,8", width41/2", height from table top to top of bowl, including my presentation stand is just under 5". The thickness as I said is a pretty even 3/32"except in middle of bowl where I wanted 1/8" for stability of the bowl and along the bark line to keep from twisting and bending and loss of bark.Before I varnished most of the bowl was translucent.
    I was going to display with a light bulb to show just how translucent it is but being wet wood I needed to seal a lot of coats so that went out the window. Mitch

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    Bernie thanks again and your absolutely right an oil would be perfect for this kind of work. I never tried oil to seal so I am going to since you said it works. I've always preferred oils for finishing but never worked with wet wood till I started turning so now it's a whole new ball game. Mitch

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    That is something else Mitch, very nice work indeed
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    Thank you Stu. I appreciate the kind words. BTW I saw that video of you turning a similiar bowl . I enjoyed that. Well done. Mitch

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