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    Guitar cabinet

    Got a couple of quick pics of this cabinet I just finished today, then it was off to deliver it. It is the second one I have made with this design. Seems like they're a pretty popular item. I have a basic website that shows some of my work. Of the few people that have contacted me through my website, almost all were inquiring about the guitar cabinet. Unfortunatly, it doesn't lend itself well to shipping. But a local guy found me and his friend is also interested in one.
    It's pretty basic cabinet construction, the frames are double-doweled, the glass is held in a rabit with thin strips of wood held in place with small brass nails. The top glass drops into a rabit, the back is plywood covered with felt. I used closed-cell foam for the bottom. It works well when shaping with regular woodworking tools; router, bandsaw, etc. Then covered with some velvet-type material. The neck rest are rubber coated u-shapped tool hangars from Ace Hardware. I studied/searched quite a bit on what best to use for this, and settled on the tool hangars. It can easily hold 6 acoustics, or probably 10 electrics. Cheers, Barry
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    Very cool, Barry. If and when I move into a house with enough space, I'd love to have something like that in my music room.
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    Good looking cabinet Barry! Well done!
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    Hi Barry ,
    Very nice cabinet with all that glass and the "velvet touch"!
    Nice find on that coated hanger, but tell me more about this closed-cell foam you used for the bottom. That is a new one for me!
    Thanks for the look,
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