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Thread: Something Wild Happened

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    Something Wild Happened

    I was roughing out one of the spalted pieces. I was just about finished with the outside of the bowl and ready to turn it around when the phone rang.

    As I was talking, I was looking at the bowl to see if it was where I wanted it to be... when... I saw dust starting coming out of a little hole about an 1/8th inch in the tenon I had turned.

    Turns out a little creature had survived to this point and didn't care for the remodeling I was doing to his home. I don't know for sure what it was, spider or some beetle. But I saw tiny legs kicking more dust out of the hole.

    I quickly grabed some CA (it was at hand) squirted some in followed by a shot of accelerator. I finished roughing the bowl and then threw it in the DNA bucket.

    I figure if he survived the turning, he sure didn't survive his bath.

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    Sounds like you locked him in carbonite, a la Han Solo.

    I was finish sanding a piece of curly maple a while back and while using a dental pick to clean the bug poop out of a hole, I pulled out some kind of larva, still squirming (and dizzy, I'd suspect).
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    Jon, funny story! If you give the bowl away or sell it, please make sure the new owner knows the story. Talk about a conversation piece!
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    Hi Jon.

    I didn't know that you had installed a training set up for future astronaut bugs! That one must have withstood several "G's".
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    That's a good one John. I usually just find half a bug and then think back to that little splatter that hit me in the forehead a few minutes back.

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    Lol nice work. I did a similar thing when I was sealing the ends of some logs with green sealer. There was a hole with a wasp climbing out of it, but not after I filled the hole by pouring end sealer down it Even if your creature can swim, I'm sure that potent smell will get to him!

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