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Thread: Brand new AAW chapter

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    Brand new AAW chapter

    There's 99% of the turnout for the first meeting of the chapter, (minus me of course, I was just visiting)

    Some of the folks are some scrollers who showed up to learn about turning pens, The rest are the regular club members.

    Brand new Banner

    Drag & Brag: (MY term, borrowed from the woodworking club I used to belong to in Sillycuse the folks there were fantastic and just sharing what they did amongst themselves)

    Demo of how to turn a pen:

    New turners at the lathe

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    Looks like a great group. Nice to see the little girl in the background, keep the kids interested!

    What was that bowl with the large reddish circles on it!?

    I would have had a hard time keeping my mouth shut about that DC line going above the windows -- that has to be 20+ feet along the wall of flex pipe! Horribly inefficient. They should at least throw some 4" PVC up there along the wall and just have flex for the drops.
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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    Lakeport NY and/or the nearest hotel
    I was strictly vistiing, and as such I just enjoyed the evening away from the hotel. However, you're exactly right.

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    Thanks Ned !

    Great pictures of our meeting. Thanks for taking and posting them for us. It was real nice to have you visit. I hope you'll be back soon.

    Our new AAW chapter is called the Old Country Guild of Woodturners and is based in the New York Capital region. The meeting place is in Schenectady, NY at a school for at-risk kids who basically have no where else to go. The shop program is very popular there with the kids. We are very fortunate that they let us use their space.

    Maybe we can help them improve the dust collection. That would be a good project for the Guild as a way to show our appreciation to the school.

    Art, the bowl you asked about is Norfolk Island Pine from Florida.
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