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Thread: Another Photo Gallery Test - Opinions Please

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    Another Photo Gallery Test - Opinions Please

    Here's another photo gallery test. This one is less likely to cause motion sickness, but it's still a bit more stylish than a row of pictures with captions. The first picture (the ash root bowl) shows an example of the amount of text that can be added for each description.

    If I do end up going with this style, I'll pay the license fee to get rid of the BananAlbum logo startup screen, so pretend it's not there.

    Here's the new test album

    Let me know what you think...good, bad or indifferent.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    The first one was more fun but this one is easier to look at and more straight forward.
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    Nothing wrong with that, I think the old farts might even like it

    I did have to upgrade my flash player.....
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    I don't know. Is it really hip? The metaphor seems a little dreamweaver-y...

    It just doesn't scream "we be cool, and artsy" to me...

    Big help, I know...



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    I like it.

    Ancora imparo
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    I like this one better than the other one, but....I'm not crazy about this one either. I don't know why.
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    I think if you had some color, text, graphics to add to the "mood" of the page, this one would work. Just the pics, and slider above leaves something to desire, IMO...

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    All's well ....except for the Latin, or Greek, or Roman....whatever all that jibberish was!
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    I prefer this one but dislike the splash screen (although its not much of a splash) at the start of loading. If it is there because you're running a trial version OK but I would not want it on my site if I had paid for the software.

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    Hi Vaughn.

    I think I like this one more than the previous, maybe I am one those "old farts" as Stu says.

    To give you a more detailed feedback: I like its straightforwarderness (I don't know if that word exists).

    Big image to catch you eye, and small images to give the viewer a glimpse of more to come.
    Small undisturbing text that one can look at it if one wants to. The animated scroll of the top pictures strip is a good thing, I didn't need any explanation to find out I could point directly to a pic I wanted to see, very intuitive.

    The pieces get selective predominance which is good, so the viewer can concentrate one at a time.

    Do not forget one thing, ( you've problably thought about that already) this page will need regular maintenance because you'll have to delete the pieces that are sold and add new ones as time goes by. So make your life easier otherwise you'll be maintaining the page more time than turning.

    Remove sold items inmediately from the page, a frustrated customer is a lost one.
    If you want to keep the pics do it so in a separate and well identifyied section so that a potential customer can see them and maybe order similar items.
    As a potential customer I would be very frustrated finding a piece that I like and knowing later that is not available anymore.

    The decision making process in this sort of items is quite fast or impulsive sometimes, so make sure that everything that you show is available.
    Best regards,

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    I also dream of a shop with north light where my hands can be busy, my soul rest and my mind wander...

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