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Thread: Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

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    Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

    LOML requested that I "Get rid of that ugly orange color" on our kitchen cabinets.... So I must come up with a refinishing schedule.

    Not wanting to sand the entire kitchen down to bare wood I'm experimenting, trying to come up with an easier method.

    The cabinets are 25 years old, made from cabinet grade birch plywood. The finish color is called "pecan" but apparently looks like faded orange to LOML. She wants them to be "browner" and "richer" looking.

    While experimenting on a door (inside)... I came up with the following finishing schedule and would like some opinions....

    1) Light sanded with 220. Did not sand through to bare wood, just a scuffing, so the faded orange color was still there.
    2) Added dark walnut dye (Transtint) to a 2 Lb cut of dewaxed shellac (Seal Coat) and applied directly to the cabinet.

    This actually looked good and wife was happy. If I end up doing this to the cabinets they would be top coated with USL or 9000.

    I figure shellac will stick to almost anything. The existing cabs do not appear to have a top coat...which may explain the faded look. But even if they do have a worn top coat, The shellac would stick to it....right?

    Is this a sound method for refinishing? Do you see any pitfalls?

    It almost seems too easy...

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Sounds ok.
    But First you might scrub with lacquer thinner [just a dap rag ] and clean them first.
    Inside a door first of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    Sounds ok.
    But First you might scrub with lacquer thinner [just a dap rag ] and clean them first.
    Inside a door first of course.

    I agree with the lacquer thinner suggestion. A lot of gunk will build up on the cabinets over 25 years and the lacquer thinner will also help remove this. If lacquer thinner is too harsh you can use mineral spirits too.

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