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Thread: OO box w/crooked finial

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    OO box w/crooked finial

    This is my first off center finial I was able to complete without breaking it. Still needs a lot of work but I'm starting to figure it out. Turned without any special tools or chuck, just using a round tenon in spigot jaws and tightening it down skiwampus in a couple positions. The whole thing is 11" tall x 4.25". The box is Osage orange, finial is walnut.
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    Keep working at it. One of these days you will get it straight.
    Actually, very nice.
    Someday the two woods will match.

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    VERY cool indeed!

    The wobbly turning is a bit of work to get my head around, but it is fun!
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    One method of doing this is to scribe a circle of equal size on each end of the spindle. Mark 4,8, or 16 marks equadistance around the circle. on one end mark the points cloekwise from 1 to ....................4,8, or 16. On the other end, mark them counter clockwise on the other end. put the same number on each end to the drive and tail stock, change positions as you proceed along the spindle and you will get a spiral.

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    I hate to tell you this, but I think your lathe bearings are shot...looks like you had a wicked wobble on that finial.

    Man, you are always stepping outside of your own box, Curt. This is another very cool piece.
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    My wife walked by and said, "How did he do that?" My response was, "I am not exactly sure."

    After reading your description I still don't know how you did it. Where is the skiwampus you were referring to?

    In all seriousness this a very unique piece. I would love a tutorial explaining the process a little better if you can point me at one.

    Very nice work, Curt. I always enjoy seeing your work.

    Skiwampus, indeed! Is that related to catty-whampus?
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