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Thread: My 2nd Attempt at Turning a Bowl

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    My 2nd Attempt at Turning a Bowl

    Here is my second attempt at bowl turning, since getting my lathe at Christmas. It is figured maple with a mineral oil finish (food safe!). The blank was 8" x 8" x 3". I worked on this over the course of 2 days, for a total of around 8-9 hours combined.

    This bowl was my Father's Day present to my Dad.

    What's the deal with the Sharpie? I put in in the picture for perspective.
    When I did my first bowl, I showed alot of people the pictures. Then when I showed them the actual bowl, they were disappointed that it wasn't as big as they thought it would be.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2ndBowl01.jpg   2ndBowl02.jpg   2ndBowl03.jpg   2ndBowl04.jpg  
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    Very nice for a second attempt, Sean. Real pretty wood, too.
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    Excellent 2nd bowl Sean!

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    Nicely done Sean, I'm sure you dad will be pleased, make sure your sign and date it.

    The bottom of the bowl, it looks kind of like a lid to a box or something, not much of a foot on it, does this affect the way the bowl sits?

    Just curious, as the bottom has a very nice clean look to it.

    Again, great job, keep them coming!
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    Sean, very nice second try, and also a nice father day gift.
    Is the bottom totally flat, or a little bit concave?
    Nice work Sean!!

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    Sean, very Well Done! That wood has tons of figure in it. Great gift, I'm sure he will love it.

    Since my dad turns as well, my mom has said "no bowls for gifts" as they have tables and shelfs full of them. I gave him a cherry log instead!
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    Very nice bowl Sean,and even nicer since it is your second try.You did a swell job and should be proud of a job well done. BTW that little one sitting by you with the huge smile is proud of you too. Mitch

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    Great Job Sean!

    I'm not a turner but I can appreciate well done jobs. The use of a pen as scale indicator is very good, it gives us a better idea of the size, pics without size references are usually misleading.

    Looking forward for the next one.
    Best regards,

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    Well done Sean !! There are many of us out here (especially me) who wish our second, third, or even eighth attempt was as good as your second. I especially like the wood. The grain is beautiful!

    cheers eh?

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    Beautiful piece of wood! Very good job of polishing and finishing!

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