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Thread: Ben's flat and round work

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    Ben's flat and round work

    So Ben took an independent study during his Senior year in HS. It turned out to include alot of one on one in the shop with me. This table was his last piece finished, and we were at it for hours on Fathers Day, as the deadline was today. These dovetails are his first!! Hand cut, no jigs. Drawer bottom is solid pine, beveled.

    The joinery is M & T aprons into the legs, he designed and built it all. Finished with Watco, then shellac then wax. If I sound a bit proud, it's because I am. Very.
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    Very nice work! Good job Ben
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    very very cool.

    great piece.

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    Wowsers! He did a great job on it. (Musta had a good teacher.)

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh? Whatsa matter Ben? You been busy or what?
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    Oh yeah, sure, but what is his High Score on X-Box 360

    Ben, that is one nice piece of work, I think anyone here would be proud to have that in their home.

    Ken, you certainly have every right to be proud, a job well done by the Werner men!
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    Ken and Ben,

    That is a great looking piece. Very nice to hear how it was built. You aced the drawer and even though it is rarely seen I like the bevel on the underside of the drawer; nice touch.

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    I almost missed this one.

    You are right to be proud! This is what I would call a head start!
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    thanks guys! here are some better pictures cause my dad cant take pics for his life

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    Wow. Very nice! The legs are turned very uniformly - good job!

    Well Ken, I guess it's time to let him loose upon the world now.

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