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    Last edited by Chuck Thoits; 05-03-2009 at 06:12 PM.
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    I don't get it, Chuck? What's to hate? So there are silly people out there....

    Now, if you'd got all caught up in the bidding, and paid more than something was worth...

    This looks like 'no harm, no foul' to me...



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    another veiw ,,we know that the ones with attitude are hard to teach so if you go get a new set you can teach them yur way and they will fit right in amognst the rest of your stash
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    I don't use EBay or go to auctions for this very reason.
    And because they won't let me stand up & say real loud ARE YOU NUTS? Also on E-Bay they don't have a comment blank where I can say ARE YOU NUTS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    Or is it people are too dumb to take the time to look up what they are bidding on?
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    I use eBay and Craigslist because I've never seen a flea market in this area (and I've lived here 34 years). Lots of garage sales, which my wife haunts, so I depend on her to give me a call if anything looks promising.

    I do have a few pet peeves about eBay though. I won't bid on anything with fuzzy pictures. I also avoid tools where the seller has gotten cute with the pictures and you can't get a good look at the the cutting edge, or those features that confirm the vintage claimed. Cheesy hype like WOW!!!! or L@@K is a real turnoff. I'm not an expert on anything, but I'm a born skeptic. So far I haven't been ripped off.

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    Hi Chuck,

    Yeah, I used to feel the same way until I started selling on eBay...

    Seriously though, it does annoy me as a buyer seeing people bid items into oblivion, paying double or triple what you'd paid in the store, or even on other eBay auctions. Especially when I want that item badly. One trick I use is to look for items that are miscategorized or with their names misspelled, because the majority of people will miss them in searches, so I can pick them up for less.

    As a seller, I love it when the bidding takes off, of course.

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    Not much different than a car lot where someone comes in to buy a used can and just "HAS TO HAVE IT" because of "XYZ"

    Sometimes people get caught up in the bidding frenzy, sometimes there are other reasons that you are not seeing.

    For example, if you live in Timbuktu and there is no "Woodcraft" around and the shipping for those new tools is high from the store, because they don't want to ship to Timbuktu and charge a surcharge, then going over what them city folks can get the tools for new is not a totally bad idea, as used, they might still be cheaper to the guy in Timbuktu than buying new, with the shipping and store bought shipping surcharge.

    I sell clamps on Yahoo auction here (no E-bay in Japan) and I love it, now I sell at a "Buy Now" price that I think is fair, and I eat the sales commission to yahoo, and the buyer pays the actual shipping, still, it is a good side business for me, pays a good part of my turning addition

    But the fact remains, there are stupid people out there, I know, I've been one on occasion well not with the bidding thing, but other things
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    I think it has nothing to do with ebay, but with the buyers. Someone might be looking for a tool to use it and to get it cheaper than new, while some other might be looking for same tool because it is the last one he needs to fill a gap in his collection.
    That second one will pay even thrice as much as the first one would do because he wants that item badly, if on top of that he gets caught in the bidding excitement/competition things can get out of control.

    I've bought several tools and items at ebay and I must say that I was only deceived by a chinese seller ( that got the oportune claim) The item that I got was similar to the one depicted but THE ONE that was depicted.

    Since then I do not bid in any chinese seller auction no matter what feedback he has.
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    I am going to give you guys some advice. I don't buy much on EBay any more. Otherwise I wouldn't share this.

    This doesn't solve Chucks gripe. But it will keep you out of bidding wars and gives you a good chance at winning.

    Sign up for a bidding program like E-Snipe. They are dirt cheap and their computer will place your bid on an item in the last few seconds of the auction. This accomplishes two things. One, it forces you to decide what the most is your willing to pay (also keeps you from over paying). Second, you don't have to watch the auction and you don't forget about it.

    Now if someone is willing to pay more and puts in an auto bid they will get it. But if you put in your absolute MAX BID to start with, then it just sold for more than you were willing to pay.

    I lost several items on EBay before I learned how to play the game. Now I can say that unless it just goes higher than I am willing to pay, I rarely don't buy the item I am bidding on. However, like Chucks turning tools, there is a lot of items just go for more than I am willing to pay.
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