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Thread: Oil / gas crisis is it true??

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    Oil / gas crisis is it true??

    Check this out. you decide for yourself.


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    Video halted more than it ran. Couldn't watch. Googled the man, Lindsey Williams. Former Baptist Minister. He may be right and he may be all wrong. I don't know. But, whatever he says I will not be able to accept without confirmation from other sources. I do suspect there is a large thread of truth in what he is saying. (I scanned some chapters from his book)

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    I didn't watch much of it (short on time), but I did notice the person who posted this video has several opinions that don't necessarily mesh with mine, based on the other videos he's posted.
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    GAS is going fast!!!

    its running out so conserve every bit you can, it took thousands of years to make it and we are using much faster than the making process.. and there are many folk that need some more cash in there pocket and the best way to get it is make the people pay more. i am gonna start drikin tee now seein as how they have sold budweiser to the belguims.... china has alot of oil and we have sent out best drillers over there to teach them how to put wells down in 4 days instead of 4 months. so that they can have what they need and can sell some of the excess at these great prices.. next year at this time we will be glad to pay what we are now.. just wait and see or buy a horse and dont worry about the cost of gas. NEXT! i am done now.
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    DON'T BUY A HORSE!!!!!! Have you seen the cost of hay and grain???? Horses are almost being given away at this point. Hay is still over $200.00 a ton. Locally it is $260.00 a ton and with all of the flooding (loss of crop land/crops for this year) grain and hay will probably not recede as fast as the flood waters. But if you are looking for a horse, I have a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    We'd have all the gas we need if most of it wasn't being wasted keeping all those pesky black helicopters in the air.
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