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Thread: Flag display, memorabilia shadow box

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    Flag display, memorabilia shadow box

    Hello all,

    My dad passed away 3 years ago this October. He retired from the army with 21 years service. He served in WW 2, Korea and Vietnam. I've been in the process of gathering his medals etc. to make a flag display/shadow box. I'm fairly set on the design of the box, but I can't figure out how to attach the medals, patches and a photo or two to the inside. I plan on covering the inside with green felt. Any ideas how to attach this stuff to the inside?


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    Ive mounted ribbons, award winning ribbons,(more like awards but colored ribbons) with photos, admission tickets, and sections of paper programs by gluing a piece of material over a piece of cork board and glued the cork into the case.It was more of an open type of curio case, wish I had a pic, didnt have a digital camera then.
    Used small pins through the ribbons and photo and paper.
    Not sure how that would work if its a medal, unless it has some type of catch in the back, then you can work with small pins and bend them as some type of hook stuck into the cork and thru the medals catch.(Im sure they make some type of small hook ,more like a staple actually that you can put thru catch, press down,that would secure good into the cork, especially if you touch it with a crazy or gorilla type of glue)
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    I use a tight fitting piece of cardboard covered with fabric or felt, spray adhesive works good. Press the medials through and attach the clasp to the back as normal. I put a few pieces of extra cardboard on the back corners and maybe a piece in the center as standoffs to clear the claps. I use Velcro on the standoffs to make changes easy, but hot glue would work also. Honestly, I've never gone back and changed one once I got it set up.


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