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Thread: New Garage - Shop build

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    Question New Garage - Shop build

    Good Afternoon.

    In a couple of weeks, I am going to start at 38X48 garage shop. I am going to use pole barn const.

    The wall pose no problem.

    However the roof trusses pose a huge problem. I can't use pre manfactured trusses (no access for the semi to deliver) to get a clear span across the entire 38' I am goind to use a 4/12 pitch and will need to make the trusses on site using 2X4 stock lumber.

    Now my question for those of you who have done something like this. What would the procedure be for nailing or screwing the web bracing to give me a clear span of 38' I would have to use plywood for the gussets for end to end joining of the shorter 2X stock.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    why cant you get the trusses delivered to your site? if you can drive to it you can get trusses to it.
    if you have to make your own, check out metal plates rather than plywood gussets. cut your pieces to fit lay on the plate and nail the holes full. both sides..or you might be able to rent a press to make the prefab plates work.. they have aportable press up in my parts.. where are you located?
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    Tom, First of all .. CONGRATS!!!!

    We expect you to get right behind me and Ned and take forever to post any progress pictures for the rest of us to savor. It's part of the FWW Credo, I believe.

    As for your trusses. I've only built ONE, count 'em. But I was very very carefully guided by an expert that I greatly respected. He has built dozens of buildings over his life and walked me through the process. My truss only had to span 24' so I don't think my process would fit fully to your needs.

    I used osb gussets and lots of glue and nails. I was told nails or staples because they are designed for the shear loads that are involved in holding the guessets together. I'm told that you can find screws that have better shear strength, but I went with nails because they were cheap and easily found (and trusted).

    There is a fairly involved formula for calculating the size of the gussets you need to use in a given place on a truss, my friend told me. He took lengths and roof pitch and did some fancy voodoo math and gave me all the sizes I needed. He also told me how to design the web for maximum stiffness.

    My original plan was to just duplicate the 3 existing trusses that were already in the shop, but they were built in such a way that only provided "good enough" structure according to my friend. My truss matched almost exactly except that he had me put in what he called a "King post" in the center. This effectively split the thing into two right triangles. I haven't retained all the details, but it's all about triangles and load TRANSFER.

    I would try to find a friend who's familliar with truss building for your situation. At the very least they can consult you on the methods you should use for constructing it.
    Jason Beam
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    No Semi's

    To answer the question of no commercial trusses, the road is just to tight and to remote to get a semi in and no way for it to back in or make it around the corners, my pick up with a 12' flat bed trailer can hardly make it with a skid steer on the back.

    I wondered about the king post idea. seems to make sense to me. I hope others will chime in.

    All contributions (verbal) are welcome and very helpful.

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    if its that tight!!!!

    how you gonna pour concrete????there big too.. and you surly aint mix it yurself the king post is definatly stronger consult a truss engineer and they can draw you up a plan.. depending on where your at the inspector will need to see one anyway..
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    One hand washes the other!
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    A concrete truck can make it in. Just not an articulated semi with a 40-50' trailer.

    Just think of a wilderness track one way road. Heavy trees on both sides and houses too. Plus at one point you have to go down into a stream bed and up the other side (steep).

    Yeah, I guess I will do a consult with a truss engineer.

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    Sounds wonderful...

    Pictures ?

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    Lamar, Yes, it is pretty and remote as well. My wife and I are retireing to a cabin on the Waposi-Pinicon River, just north of Independence Iowa. The river was rageing a short while back as most of the other rivers in Eastern Iowa have been recently. Here is a link showing views of the cabin and the flood waters back in April and again early this month.

    There are also pictures of my last boat I built and it is the reason for this shop being so big. I just need room to spread out and rip long wood....

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    Tom this is just a thought but what about having a truss company design and build the trusses but leave them in two halves folded over. Then transport them on your trailer. At least that way the truss has been properly designed with elements such as snow loading considered. Especially if you have any intention of using any ceiling space for storage or loading the trusses. Surely the truss companies have come up against this type of problem before

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    I'll be looking forward to watching the shop come together. Sounds like a fun project.

    And after looking at the river pics, I can see why you want a boat. (Beautiful boat, by the way.)
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