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Thread: Wedding day pic and my speech

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    Thumbs up Wedding day pic and my speech

    I started this thread the other day and promised pictures.

    The young gal taking the pictures is busy editing them, (you are safe for now Mr. Merlau) but she did send me this one of the bride, groom (oldest son), my wife of nearly 29 years and my ugly mug on the far right. As you can see it was a outdoor wedding and it was a beautiful backdrop for family pictures.

    The following is the speech I gave as co-best man.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I must admit, I am more nervous about being best man than I was as the bridegroom at my own wedding. Maybe itís because I have been married twenty nine years and I know what my sonís letting himself in for.

    I have been given the honor of co best man for Steve and Laceys wedding.....for those who don't know me I am Steve's dad. Not often a best man can say they changed the grooms diapers.

    Steve and I have had more than a father/son relationship.....sometimes it is more like best friends. From the time I was first handed Jr. it was a instant attachment. His first words were dada and tractor,not mama.... something his mother never lets him forget.

    Jr. has always been at my side, from the time he was little riding in the tractor cab when his mom would bring him out to the fields, to going to the jobsites with me swinging a hammer all day......he was my right hand man, so it is a great honor to be his today.

    We always were able to talk about anything out in my shop, where whatever is discussed out there...stayed out there. Often conversation would drift to girls, .....he would say he was never getting married, there was no female who would hold his interest. I told him more than once that someday....some cute little gal would come along and be the "one that would trip his trigger".....he'd be all done, he'd be caught hook, line and sinker.

    Well Lacey came along into the picture, and I could sense from the talks we had and the way he felt about her.....this was the one. I can see the change in my son, the responsibilities he has taken on, being a new dad and a new husband.....and the pride he shows in both. What a beautiful family the three of them are.

    Lacey, in case you didn't realize made a "Ash" of yourself today.

    In closing I'd like to pass on a little advice that was given to me when I was first married......

    There will be times you will be mad at each other, but before you lay your head on your pillow to go to sleep at night, no matter how mad you may be at the time.....remember to always say " I love you"....never let a night come, and you go to sleep without saying those words to your spouse.

    With that, I'd like to say congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ash Jr. and
    Lacey, we are proud to welcome you into our family!
    A very wise man once said.......
    "I'll take my chances with Misseurs Smith and Wesson. "

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    Congrats and Well Done

    PS I assume by telling Larry he's safe for now means some interesting photos are coming up??
    A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. -Henry David Thoreau
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post

    PS I assume by telling Larry he's safe for now means some interesting photos are coming up??
    I'm hoping so......
    A very wise man once said.......
    "I'll take my chances with Misseurs Smith and Wesson. "

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    Steve - If you have seen the other wedding thread, I know how much your lines ( which by the way were very nice ) and everything going on that day meant to not just you but your whole family.

    Congratulations on a beautiful day and a beautiful family.

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    Well done Steve and Steve Jr.
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    Congrats steve for your entire family, great speech, don't think I could hold my composure like you did, buy the way, iffin you need some special photoshoppin for our bud Larry, let me know, I CAN HELP


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    What a great looking family and an excellent speech!

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    Hey, you and Junior clean up pretty good.

    Never a doubt about the ladies.

    Glad everything went well and the weather held.

    Now, where's them photos of Larry.


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    can you share the secret of how to get them to married and out of the house?
    I yell at my wife daily to stop cooking and cleaning for them, she dont listen, they wont leave.

    Good looking family, mazeltov.

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    You are one lucky dad Mr Ash!!!! Great family, congrats to all!
    Every child deserves a family. Adopt. Foster. Get involved.

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