Found a box, in a box, in a corner of a closet....after chasing away the cobwebs, the dust...what do you suppose I found, in the Woodcraft bag I brought it home from the store in! Oh, maybe some 10 years ago!

A Wolfcraft Dowel Pro Kit...still has the price tag of $42.75 on it.

Found this:

I'm thinking $20.00 would be fair, plus postage of course.

Not quite so dusty, I found that I somehow have a duplicate set of Porter Cable Router Template guides Kit no 42000 Not sure if one of them was ever used and the other one, little if any.

$20.00 ea. plus postage

I also have a new, less than 2hr. use on it, Porter Cable router 690LR. I don't have the plastic case it came in, I throw them away with the packaging material... If someone wants to make a FAIR offer for this I"m listening. Don't be thinking that you are going to get it for 1/2 of the lowest new price you can find out there...won't be happening...this is a new router for all as little time as it has.

As above, I have a PC 690LRVS. This a really nice model with variable speed and soft start. Again, purchased them both at the same time, put them into router tables, made 20 bases for a night light product I was doing..that's it, maybe 2 hrs on each. Make an offer on this one keeping in mind, FAIR...I will not give them away.

I'm shipping everything via flat rate boxes, cuz it is pay actual postage.

If interested in either or both of these jewels, speak up or I will c/l them.