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Thread: grizzly G0514X purchase

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    grizzly G0514X purchase

    I found this grizzly on craigslist Sunday for 750. It's a 19 in. 3 hp with a 12 in resaw. I didn't have a bandsaw and have been looking for a long time. The ones I usually see are generally not in very good shape, or they want almost retail. This one looks new. The guy also had it already tuned. He said he bought it to resaw some wood for a project but just had the lumber yard resaw it for him.

    I made a few cuts with it and determined the blade leaves much to be desired.

    I don't know much about bandsaws never having one before. Could I get some recommendations for blades. I'd like to do some resawing and use it for curved work. I was thinking a 3/4 for resawing and a 1/2 in. for a general purpose. The specs. say it will take from 1/8 to 1 1/4.

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    not trying to be smart here

    but did you tension the blade before cuttin your test piece? for trainsit and not being used you leave it un tightend to maintin blade life and tire life,, if its loose it wont cut well.
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    It was tensioned. I went back through the setup in the owners manual to check everything. All was setup per the directions.

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    Congrats on great saw, John. I'd recommend Suffolk Machinery for the blades. You can call them up and tell them what saw you have and what you want to cut, and they'll set you up.

    Mark Duginski's bandsaw book is a good overall education in bandsaws.
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    Hey great find, congrats!

    Bandsaws are very useful, once you have one, you will find a lot of uses for it and wonder how you got by without it

    I totally agree on the Mark Duginski book, really worth the money.

    I got blades from Lee Valley, the worked great for me.

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    I'll second Suffolk Machinery. The folks answering the phones know their stuff.

    OEM blades on most bandsaws leave a lot to be desired (just as with a lot of table saws). They are generally not great quality, and are somewhat generic use blades.

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    I think you made a serious mistake. That bandsaw would be much better appreciated and used in my shop.
    Actually, John, you got a dandy. That saw will soon become one of your more valuable tools.
    There are a lot of blade recommendations. The Timberwolfs from Suffolk machinery are high on the popularity list. I find they don't last as long as some others but cut better while they are sharp. And Suffolk gives great service.

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