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Thread: Old iron shaper for sale

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    Old iron shaper for sale

    I've got an old JD Wallace "Workace" benchtop shaper for sale. It has an integral motor and a round top on acme threads that you rotate for cutter height adjustment. I believe it's from the 1930's. It's a 1/2 hp 110 volt motor that spins at 10,000 rpm.

    I rebuilt this shaper a few years ago. I had it completely apart, degrubbed it, installed new bearings, had the armature rewound, repainted it to match the original colors, and fabricated new clips to hold the fence on the table top (the originals were M.I.A. - the new ones are a bit clunky looking, but work just fine). The fence has a built in guard and dust collection port. It's a bench top model, but is made from cast iron.

    Included are all of the original cutters that came with the shaper when it was sold new - 3 reversible cutters (all standard profiles) and a head for holding custom ground cutter knives. Also included are a handful of custom ground knives and some high carbon steel stock for making more. There is also a large beading cutter.

    I've been using the shaper during the past several years, and it works just fine.

    The price is $120 cash only. I live in St. Louis, but will be heading up to Rochester, NY next month and can bring it along if you're willing to meet me along the way (Indie, Wooster Ohio, etc.).

    Paul Hubbman
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    Got to be on of the original "Router Tables" on steroids that is!

    Not dropping by Tokyo on your trip eh?
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    Inneressing old arn. I don't need, but someone will get a good 'un.

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    P.M. sent

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