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Thread: A small guy, very supportive of AAW

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    A small guy, very supportive of AAW

    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Seto
    Doug of Thompson Tools was very generous in supporting the AAW. He was the only guy who paid big $$$ to put an ad in the Demonstrator Handouts book. IMHO, it should be included in our registration package. AAW charged us $10 for a copy. In the past, if the demonstrator has handouts, they were free. We already paid for the privilege to learn from the demonstration. The handout is for saving the time of the demonstrator to cover more important subjects. It was a double insult for us who has bought the book, the demonstrator has to waste the time to write the information out for those who didn't know there was such a book available or chose not to purchase.

    Doug also donated several sets of 3 gouges set for the auction. Each set was valued at over $150. When I looked at the other stuffs donated by the big boys, they are pale in comparison. I think AAW was taking advantage of the smaller guys. When the handout book was not selling, they were reduced to $8.

    One of our Clubs, which Doug is also a member, has 10 Jet mini lathes, each with a full set of turning tools. We added two extra Jet mini lathes recently, so we are short in two sets of tools. Doug didn't even wait for me to say what our Club needs, he just told me to pick up whatever our Club needs. He is a small guy with a big heart. Thanks, Doug.
    I got this from >> Woodturners Resource <<

    I know that Vaughn and some others here have Doug Thompson tools and like them very much, and I'll be ordering some tools from Doug in the future, and I just wanted to spread this around. Sure is nice to see someone like Doug doing well, and being supportive of the AAW.

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    Stu Doug is very nice I started turning about 4 months ago. I love good tools, called Doug after seeing some posts on SMC about the quality of Doug's tools. Told Doug I was very new to turning, he talked to me for 20 minutes, figuring out that I was interested in bowl turning. After he asked lots of questions, he lead me to his 1/2 bowl gouge. I also bought the 5/8 bowl gouge at the same time. I received my order 2 days later, made some handles and love his tools. Also thanks for your review of Craigs easy rougher another one of my favorite tools.
    Doug seems to be one of those few people that love what he is doing, and is very sharing with his knowledge. I'm a very happy customer.
    Always like learning something new!

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    I can heartily endorse Doug's tools. I've got four gouges and a skew, and I have not seen any similar tools that could compare. Granted, I've not used a wide variety of other high-end gouges and skews, but I am so impressed with the Thompson tools that I don't see any need to look any farther.

    The fact that Doug's a great guy who really knows his products is icing on the cake.
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    Awesome tool, although I only have one of Doug's It is one of my most used. I'll have more soon!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    Yep Doug is quite the guy. I ended up with 4 of his gouges and two of Dave Peebles handles. Putting the two of them together you get a awesome gouge. He showed me how to setup the detail gouge for sharpening. So went to oneway and bought two more Vari-Grinds. He told me after he set them up to drill and pin them. They would give the exact angle from that time on.
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    Hi Bernie,

    Thanks!! It was quite an experience at Richmond. It seems to be a blur to me right now. But it was great to meet all the wonderful turners who attended.

    Best wishes,

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