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Thread: FS: Flexcut SK108 Starter Carving Set

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    FS: Flexcut SK108 Starter Carving Set

    I was gifted this starter carving set by a family member, but am really not in a position to learn carving, and will put the money toward my jointer. This is a brand new set, only opened to look at the blades.

    Set includes: Quick Connect Handle, Cutting Knife, SK103 Quick Connect Power Handle, SlipStrop & Compound, 16 Carving Tools, including new Thumb Nail Gouges & Back Bent Gouges, & Wood Storage Box.

    Brand new, this set is priced at around $180.00. I'm asking $120.00, plus shipping.

    I'll accept Paypal, cash, or check.

    Thanks for looking!

    - Keith
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