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Thread: I need a drill press

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    I need a drill press

    Are there any reasons I shouldnt purchase the tabletop delta or black/decker(same thing) model?

    I need something portable, small(dont have room anywhere), and I dont want to spend more than 150-175.

    I figure Ill mount it on a small piece of plywood and just put it on my work table when I need it.

    I basically need it to drill accurate depths. Im sick and tired of using blocks of wood as stops on my drill bits.Plus, I dont always get a straight hole with a handheld.

    I need something that is easy enough for me to maintain, and use, no impossible mechanical stuff if I need to alter something or change something.

    Id appreciate any advice.

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    I have the Delta - one step up from their smallest. Very happy with it. Pleanty of power for the size.
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    Allen, I had a little Delta "Shopmaster" benchtop drill press, and had no complaints about it. It was a bit limited in capacity and quill stroke, but it ran smooth and powered its way through anything I tried to drill with it. One of the best $100 I've spent on my shop. I ended up selling it when I got a bigger floor model drill press, but the big one doesn't run as smoothly as the little Delta.
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    Allen, I have one of these and it comes in very handy sometimes even though I have a drill press.

    Here is a good set to make a rather nice package.

    With these you could manage to wait and watch the Craigslist for a really good deal on that drill press.


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    Hi Allen - A floor standing unit has some advantages, but the benchtop DP's have some benefits too. Lots of people do fine with a benchtop DP when the situation requires it. I updated my very small 8" Grizzly DP with a much heavier and more powerful 13" Harbor Freight 38142 on sale for $144. I'm usually pretty skeptical about HF machines in general, but I've not only been happy with this DP, I've actually been fairly impressed with it. It's take considerably more money to do substantially better IMO. I chose it over the Delta, Ryobi, Craftsman, Northern Tool, and Grizzly models.
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    I got my bench top along with a radial arm saw through our local paper on line, but there are lots on craigslist here. You might want to see what's available in your area.... Some of the older ones have good travel, and drill straight on. The price on a lot of them too...

    Just an alternative idea.

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    thats a great thing don, I know about the drill stops, but I was just using wood blocks...or taping the bit.

    Im not sure I want to buy one used, Imnot mechanically inclined, and I wouldnt know if Im buying something thats on its last breath.
    Im going to watch the sites like amazon and see if they put any specials on it, or Ill check some local big stores to see prices. July 4th is coming, Im sure Ill get a 10 or 20% off coupon somewhere for a 50 or 100 dollar purchase.
    Thanx for the advice, its time to get one.....

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    Allen, I have a Delta Shopmaster drill press from lowes and it works great. It has been through a lot and still keeps on going.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    Allen, I have a Delta Shopmaster drill press from lowes and it works great. It has been through a lot and still keeps on going.

    Ah yes, good ole Bumble, er Head Banger.
    I don't recall the model I have off the top of my head... But I've got a Delta Benchtop DP, caught a good deal off of the Creek's classifieds just about the time I shut down my shop a couple of years back. Its been sitting in my storage unit for two years. Still, just $75 sure worked for me back then.

    Jeff, your tale where Bumble sent you to the ER has just added more incentive to build a good DP center in my shop, early on once I get things moving in the shop.

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    Rockler just sent out a 25% off coupon over the internet. Anything like that going out there. Too bad you aren't closer, I know where there is a nice Delta benchtop cheap in a pawn shop.

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