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Thread: Delta-Invicta RC-51 planer

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    Delta-Invicta RC-51 planer

    I picked up this made in Brazil , 1985 model a week ago. A single phase 5hp 20", sporting a two tone paint job. Had lots of rust,and the paint was pretty beat up too. . And the fellow that owned it said it came with the property, and he had put sharp knives in it, but just didn't use it much, said it sat unused for 3 years or so. He needed the cash for renovations to his house. I drove 3 hours to Windsor Ontario to get it, using up approx. $120 in fuel there and back. Only took an hour to polish the rust off the bed, rollers, and cutter head. spent $40 on paint, $120 on casters, $100 for 25 ft of 10/3 rubber cord and a twist lock receptacle. Almost another $400! I moved the Wixey over from the old planer today .This beast weighs about 1200 pounds, the new 900 pound capacity casters make it easy to roll.
    Attachment 21792
    Stopped off at my son's house before heading home

    Attachment 21793
    Swmbo checking out the Beast!

    Attachment 21794

    Attachment 21795
    wire wheel and sandpaper cleaned the top end up

    Attachment 21796
    Sanded motor cover plate
    Attachment 21797
    paint on the belt cover

    Attachment 21798
    Paint on part of the chip hood

    Attachment 21799
    top cover painted

    Attachment 21800
    installing casters

    Attachment 21801
    ready to work!
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    It's a beaut. Congratulations.

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    Congrats, Bryan. Looks like a great machine.

    SWMBO has one of those "ah man, not another big power tool" look on her face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Congrats, Bryan. Looks like a great machine.

    SWMBO has one of those "ah man, not another big power tool" look on her face.
    Yeah my wife has the same look when I come home and the truck is loaded.

    That will make a nice addtions to the shop.

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    nice score bryan!
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