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Thread: Arkansas proud

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    Arkansas proud

    Currently, a girl named Stacey Lewis is leading the woman's Open golf tournament. Stacey is a former University of Arkansas Ladyback (female Razorback) golfer. But, what is remarkable is that this is her very first professional tournament. And...AND..., even more remarkable, several years ago she had surgery for scoliosis and is playing with a steel rod in her back to keep the vertebrae straight. Have to admit, I don't follow golf. Much less college level, even much less, women's. But, if she wins this LPGA Open, we may see a new equivalent of Tiger Woods on the distaff side. Go Stacy.

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    I find watching golf about as interesting as watching corn or soy beans grow.

    That being said, 2 weeks ago while doing some yard work on Saturday, I happened to catch Tiger finish his last 3 holes......then on Sunday, I happened to see Tiger play his last 3 holes and tie up the match. Monday I flew to Arlington, TX...checked into the hotel, went up stairs and watch Tiger win the match on the 18 hole playoff....Yup saw the last 3 holes...

    Yesterday I happened to see the replays of all the great putts Ms. Lewis made. Her green play yesterday was incredible!

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    So often in many different sports, it is not so much the great plays that make it worth watching, but the great players, and the amazing stories they have to tell.

    Go Stacey!
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