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Thread: Slideshow, is there a way?

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    Slideshow, is there a way?

    Hi there.

    Is there a way of watching a series of pics posted on the same post on a thread by pressing the Next page key or the right arrow or whatever?

    I find it would be more comfortable instead of having to close each pic and click on the next one to see specially on those posts that have more than two pics.

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    Toni, at this point there is not a way that I know of to do that with the forum software. I haven't checked it very closely, but there might be something along those lines available in the newer version of vBulletin. (I'm not sure.) We will be upgrading the forum software one of these days, but the next upgrade is a big one, so we're not wanting to rush into it until we've had more of a chance to investigate any potential problems. (And to see what problems other forums might be having with the new version.)
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    I haven't investigated it yet, but you might be able to do it via a link to a show in Photobucket. I't try to check it out in the next few days...

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