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    Article: Making a Wooden Bench dog

    You can view the page at
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    Switch Wiring

    My switch on my TS has finally bit the dust. I have a replacement ready but I want to confirm the wiring on it as I am so prone to making the kind of mistakes where I'm left scratching my head after blowing the motor or something like that. Below are some photos. Obviously if I use it for...
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    Incra Router Table

    I probably have the biggest roun-to-it than anyone here. This project - not quite complete but almost there - took me quite a while to get to. The plate and fence set up has been sitting in a box under my bench for close to three years. But for what it is, it seems to be worth the wait. I...
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    Spinning Tops and Plate Set

    Just finished this set of tops and a plate to spin them on. The plate is 42cm diameter done in bubinga. The tops are maple, ebony and bubinga. It was a fun little project and even more fun to play with. I did the plate with a concave surface so the tops gravitate to the center. That way we can...
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    Quick Question About Caulking

    I am re-doing the caulking in my bathroom where the tub and shower is. In some places is was pulling away from the wall and moldy. I have pulled all that out cleaned it up and re-done it. In other places the caulking is not so bad but will have to be re-done sometime in the next while. My...
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    TS Arbor Nut

    My table saw arbor nut just plain wore out on me. I noticed the other day when I gave it the last torque it skipped a little. After doing that a couple of times it gave up the ghost and couldn't hang on any more. So while my TS is out of order I have a nut on order. But it kind of piqued my...
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    Firewood Carrier

    Finally after seven years of carrying wood up two flights of stairs in my arms. Sometimes it takes me a while to get to it.:rolleyes:
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    Chainsaw Recommendations?

    Looking to get a new chain saw. Currently I'm using a 14inch Ryobi that is getting old and is inadequate for my needs. Any recommendations for a 16 or 20 inch?
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    Acoustic Guitar Build

    As I mentioned in this thread I will start an acoustic guitar build. I am already about 1 month into it and already have the top plate completed. But I am going to start here from the beginning. I wanted to get a blog setup on my site before I start but was unable to get it going this week...
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    Been a while/Kitchen Prep Table

    Hi folks it's been a while since I last posted or even logged in for that matter. Been busy with other projects and such. It good to see all the familiar faces and names. Anyway I'm feeling like I want to get back into it and to start if off here is a picture of my last completed work done in...
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    I just read a great thread on another forum called Lifebacks: post you tips for everyday living. My favourite tip was measure your hand from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm and remember that length. Also measure one joint of the same finger. You can now use your hand or...
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    Strongest Joint

    I was thinking recently about joint stregth and took a look at FWW to see what they had to say. I found the following test and poll. Here are the results from a Fine Woodworking test on joint strength using a hydraulic press. The press stress tested for racking on a 90 degree joint constructed...
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    Serving Tray

    My wife asked me to make a small gift for a friend ah, ah, ah a few months back. Don't worry I said I'll get there. Not one to forget but usually it takes me a while, I finally did it today. So the idea for this tray came one day when I was at one of those fashion furniture stores in Tokyo. I...
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    Kitchen Cabs Complete

    I have completed stage 1 of my kitchen reno. Not much of a renovation really just building and installing what the builders never did. These cabinets were made with 3/4 lumber core ply, painted inside to match the wall paint and veneered with 3mm ash on the outside. The face frames have a bead...
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    Sam Maloof Passed Away

    I was just watching a video of this great man the other day thinking how wonderful it is that he is still woodworking. His legacy will inspire many. Renowned woodworker Sam Maloof dies 02:44 PM PDT on Friday...