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    Significant changes to Medicare in 2021

    maybe you can answer a question don... when I turned 65 the company sending me my testing strips and supplies told me they can no longer accept my insurance, I needed to find a medicare supplier for supplies. Do you have contact info on medicare suppliers for only diabetic testing supplies, not...
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    Basement man cave bar

    I can't get enough of that kid
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    Basement man cave bar

    Put first coat of rock hard poly on Thin coat I think Kaden is dreaming of the hot wheels garage grandpa gonna make him
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    Happy Birthday Jonathan Shively!

    Hope you had a good day!!!
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    Friday 18Sep20

    A piece of 1/4 inch ply leftover 2 50 cent Halloween ornaments and spray paint from pvc birds I make Cut 2 stakes and this is my Halloween decorations this year Not dragging anything else out of storage Another small one for side of driveway I'll pound it into my front lawn and be done with it
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    A beautiful Black Walnut countertop.

    Very impressive handling such a heavy piece and the mitre cut with track saw I've wasted some wood because I line the pieces up and overlap the cut on both boards That walnut is going to pop out will be nice to see How are you finishing it?
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    Basement man cave bar

    the top will be finished off with mohawk/behlen tabletop rock hard finish.
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    Friday 18Sep20

    spent all day today into early evening assisting my daughter. She is still in pain 9 days after c section and has horrible sciatica pain that wont let up. will make some halloween decorations this weekend, just to kill time.
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    the sum of pop's hard work this year...

    wow, the lawns on long island dont come anywhere close to that impressive.
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    My kitchen remodel so far.

    looks fantastic, huge p;roject.
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    Maybe I am a Curmudgeon

    I'm wearing the exact same costume for halloween
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    Basement man cave bar

    First coat of oil on top Also the way I profiled and fit the barrail I have a pathetic collection of router bits
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    Maybe I am a Curmudgeon

    As long as someone is civil with me wishes me well take care have a good day be safe I t doesn't bother me There is enough misery in this country today I wear a mask to keep others calm I wear a mask because my daughter feels better if I wear one in public I social distance to make everyone...
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    Model Ship Display Case

    nice display cases