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    Powermatic 719T mortiser for sale in eastern PA

    This is sold pending funds. Thanks for looking! For sale is my Powermatic tilting mortiser. It is not getting the use it deserves, and I need the floor space. This machine has seen very little use and is in extremely good condition. Included with it is a set of chisels, and sharpening stone...
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    FOR SALE: Monster articulated hollowing rig

    SOLD! Thanks for looking everyone!
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    Visit from Allen Levine

    Hello all I don't get on the forums much, although I have been meaning to start up again. In any case, Allen was in the area on some personal business, and stopped by the shop to say hello. He asked for a picture, and since my daughter was home from school, I was able to oblige. We had a...
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    Five Barns Host Report

    Greetings all We are pretty much recovered from the picnic, and catching up on regular life. In short, it was a blast! This years attendance was down a little from past years. We figured that around 70 people showed up throughout the event. Gas prices, weddings, birthdays, and other things...
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    Five Barns Email Sent

    Greetings all The day is getting close now, when Five Barns will be upon us! I sent the first mass email out this morning, and as is my custom, I am posting to that effect on the various forums. If you wrote me and did not get this email, then please let me know by sending me an email at...
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    Personal Website Gone

    Greetings all I am no longer out standing in my field. For many years, 10 years to be specific, I maintained a personal website that had pictures of my turnings, as well as a few articles I had written about various turning processes. Many people referred to that website, usually the...
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    Five Barns 2008 Update

    Greetings all I have to apologize for being MIA for a while, but Five Barns is still on the schedule and we are eagerly anticipating the event! It has been an extremely busy year here at the Five Barns complex, as well as at our now extended family locations. First there was this: Then, we...
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    Legacy Ornamental Mill For Sale

    Legacy Ornamental Mill for sale, EX1000. This is an older model, but in excellent shape with light use. I have used it for a number of different types of jobs, but lately my woodworking has taken a different direction and it is just taking up space. Included is the unit itself, left and right...
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    GM Key Fob Panic Button

    Does anyone here know how to disable the stupid panic button on a GM key fob? I have really had my fill of this stinking thing going off repeatedly for not much more than just looking at it. I would dearly love to find the engineer who designed it, set his own personal one off, and then force...
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    Five Barns 2008

    Greetings all! It is snowing, it is freezing cold, and ice is on the way. So let us turn our thoughts to happier, warmer times. Yes, it is time to start thinking of the Annual Five Barns Picnic! Now maybe you are new to the forum here and are wondering what Five Barns might be. The Five...
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    Jet 17" Drill Press for sale

    Located in Kutztown PA. Jet JDP-17 drill press for sale, excellent condition, used occasionally by a little ole turner from Kutztown. Includes Woodpecker table with fence, two stops, and two clamping hold downs, also in excellent condition with the exception that the replaceable insert could...
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    Atomic Clock Radio?

    Greetings all A number of years ago I received an atomic clock for my bedside table. It is in the process of dying. The one feature I really like about it is the one that is doing it in. It has a push button feature so that the backlight is always off, but by pushing the button, the...
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    Heading for Akron

    Greetings all The last demo of the year is upon me. I am packing up for a two day gig in Akron OH. Is anyone here from there or around there? If so, if you have any interest in meeting up for some coffee and stories, I would be glad to do so. One of the big perks of this kind of job is...
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    A very serious wood gloat

    Greetings all I consider myself blessed most of the time - well, all of the time really - with the wood that comes my way. I'm even a little uncomfortable with the word gloat, although I know it is the recognized word for talking about a new acquisition or whatever sort. But here is one I...
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    Returning to NY

    Greetings all Friday morning I am hopping in the truck again with a pile of wood and turning tools, and heading for Kingston NY and the Kaatskill Turners. Anyone here in the area who wants to meet up? I was able to meet up with Ned B. and Mark K. from the forum here, and am still not scared...