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    Friday 3Dec21

    With my SIL..bought a bag of pellets for the smoker..went grocery shopping. Later, a school function for no.2 grandson. Relaxing the rest of the day.
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    Grandfather Greene

    Same here Tom..being here in TX, I will have to get by with photos. Rennie..the crown really looks good.
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    Frame Miter Clamping Helper

    made some several years ago..probably saw it in magazine, or the web they work well not nearly as elegant as yours tho
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    Friday 26Nov21

    Not Friday..obviously..drove all day Friday, and Saturday, but we are safe in TX. Happy holidays to all!!
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    The wife, and my sister will go out for our dinner. I hope that the holiday finds all of you well, and blessed. I also hope that the winter season is a good one for you. We will be leaving Fri. morning for Texas. (y) See you in the spring!
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    Road Back to a Wood Shop

    Very nice!! With each new project, that I do, I try to do more hand work. Satisfying.
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    Good thoughts for Sharon.

    🙏for you and yours🙏 I kinda' know how you feel..wife had breathing problems too.
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    Grandfather Greene

    Rennie...the energizer bunny extraordinaire !!!! love your work,sir
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    Friday 19Nov21

    Same as Jim D., leaves! Starting now. And, packing clothes.
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    Hackberry Popcorn/Serving Bowl

    I know nowt about turning, but I do like that wood. Dave, is it hard, soft, or porous? btw..will be coming thru your area in about 10 days :)
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Happy B-day!!!!!!! (y)
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    Greene and more Greene

    Great work..impressed. Re: gamble trim.. Looks like join in the middle, the same as the panels,yes? Spray the finish, or..........
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    Well that was fun NOT

    W10 updated problems. Keeping fingers crossed.
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    Friday 12Nov21

    Late as usual.....watched it rain and snow, and blow on Friday. Sat morn..watching it rain and snow, and blow. Chopping mortises for hinges, on my vanity project. I am in no hurry. Initial plan, for winter..leave for TX, in two weeks!!!!!! :)
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    Views of the creek

    ^^^ this