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    Finished this yesterday

    Wow, that's amazing. Awesome job. Welcome from New Hampshire
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    Happy Birthday steve ramsey!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    first attempt....

    That recipe sounds delicious
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    Happy Birthday Ted Calver!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's Robot Fighting Time!!!

    Love the show !!!
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    Friday 10/6

    Well we sold the house and the closing is on the 23rd. We signed a lease on a small apartment last night and will begin the moving process next week. Most of our kids will be here this weekend to help with sorting out process of what they want, what we will be taking and what can be sold or...
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    Cataracts Removal

    Congrats and I hope all goes well
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    Happy Birthday Jay Caughron!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Friday 22Sep23

    Chuck I'm so very sorry for your loss. My family is sending your family caring thoughts and prayers.
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    Happy Birthday joe blankshain!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Jonathan Shively!

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    Happy Birthday Chuck Ellis!

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Howdy! Steve, from West Texas

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    What do you know about anchors? Quikcrete, and a bunch of others make anchoring epoxy or compounds. Lowes or HD have them. Even JB weld has a suitable 2 part epoxy.
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    What do you know about anchors?

    Being in the fastener business for over 40 years (Hilti, Pneutek) I would recommend a sleeve anchor for attaching the post to the brick wall. There is a "sleeve anchor" that has a flat slotted head so the washer and nut would not show on the face of the post. I would use 2 per post. a 3/8" x 5"...