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    i may have forgotten to mention it....

    That does sound good Dan! Congratulations!
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    Happy Birthday Bill Arnold!

    Have a great day Bill! :b-day_cake: :b-day_cake: :beer: :b-day:
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    Temporary farm shop

    That looks pretty workable.
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    Cold Front Coming...

    Kind of sounds like the water heater in the attic doesn't need much help to heat the water.
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    Cold Front Coming...

    We're supposed to be in the low hundreds the next few days, fortunately the humidity is pretty low. Yesterday the swampy was putting out 70 degree air when it was 99 outside. I've got a couple of portable ac units last year when the smoke was so bad that we couldn't run the swamp coolers. They...
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    Happy Birthday Darren Wright!

    Happy Birthday Darren! :b-day_cake: :b-day::b-day_cake::headbang::beer::beer::beer:
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    Summer Has Finally Arrived!

    Yep, Upper 90's to 100's this week for us. Time for me to enjoy a nice chelada in the pool in the afternoon, lol.
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    I give up - Voles won

    I'm with you, but it was the Anabrus simplex (Mormon Crickets) that got us. They ate everything green in our garden and left nothing but their corpses behind. Going to have to go to the farmers market for tomatoes this year.
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    OCDC: Same Guys, Same Songs, New Name

    Sounds great! Nailing it!
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    Happy Birthday Vaughn McMillan!

    Happy Birthday Vaughn!
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    CJ's 4H recycling project

    Very cool. I've spent some time sitting on opened tail gates out in the country. That's a great project that will definitely be around years and years from now.
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    Friday - 1Jul22

    Good neighbors are a treasure. Sounds like you two are going to get along great.
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    Bathroom remodel

    Making great progress! Dang that concrete is thick!
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    Brent/Darren...Is That You?

    popsicle sticks and servos, lol. That F does sound shaky!
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    Memory Test

    My guitar player had what his neurologist called a 'massive stroke' a few months ago. The claim is that he lost 1/3 of his brain capacity. I have no idea if that's really true, or if it's 1/3 of one hemisphere or what. But he can still remember long passages of comedy albums that he probably...