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    Too bad Ken F. missed this

    I was looking through the Houston Craigs list today and found this. The price is good, not great, and I thought about Ken Fitzgerald, whose son Mike just drove his pickup to Lewiston. [URL=""]
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    Drawer slides

    Got my weekly special e-mail from Woodpeckers this morning and noticed a bulk deal on full extension, 100 lb. drawer slides. You have to buy a box (10) but the prices are the best I've seen lately. 18" are about $64. and 24" are about $80,with the others priced in between. There is a coupon...
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    Piddling around the lathe

    Haven't posted much lately. We have been getting ready for a long vacation and I had to get the CV cyclone installed and most of the tools moved around, then get the garage shaped up (that means to a point where the cars will go in) and finish a few projects before we leave. All these are...
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    If I only had the room

    I know it's not a Felder or MM, but if I just had the room for this little thing.
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    May have to move

    We tried to leave Texas 17 years ago and move to California. It didn't take. When LOML realized that the left coast wasn't going to work she agreed to come back to Texas if we lived in Clear Lake and she could have a Maltese dog. Done deal. Now I'm starting to worry about our choice of where...
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    Early American/Texana look, Houston area

    For any Houston area folks interested in Early American/Texana furniture, you might be interested in this exhibition. For any non-Texans, Bayou Bend is the home of the first Texas born Governor of the state, Jim Hogg, who's daughter Ima was the first lady of fine arts in the Houston area. Ms...
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    Redmond Machinery Deals

    Redmond Mach. Sale For anyone interested, Redmond Machine is having its sale. Here's the link:
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    Small gloat

    Is a DC really a tool? I guess that's where this belongs. I've been spending the past few weeks putting this Clear Vue up, after painting the MDF parts, and have been waiting for some warmer weather before I continue the process. I've also been waiting for Jim O'Dell and Doug Shepard to...
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    Table saw evolution

    While sitting here waiting for a "blue norther" to blow through, I started thinking about table saws and how little they have evolved since their invention about 150 years ago. I'm using that date as the time the Shaker lady (can't remember her name) came up with the idea of a circle saw blade...
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    Jeff Horton--TC cab

    Jeff, You posted on the other site with questions about your design and I think I posted that I would post some pictures of what I had just finished to give you some additional ideas. I realize this is not exactally what you were looking for since it is a mix of early American and a few other...