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    New Jet contractor saw JWTS-10

    Just thought that someone would be interested. Thanks, Chuck Hanger Surface ground cast iron table with miter slots and beveled edge provides a sturdy, flat work surface Steel extension wings increase your work area for larger work pieces See through blade guard with splitter and...
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    Pitcure resizing

    At on time someone posted a link to photo resizing. Worked great, but not that the old computer has crashed and could not get it out, need that site again. Again thanks for the help. Chuck Hanger
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    Bandsaw question

    Hi Fellow woodworkers, Have not been on here for a while as the wife has had some medical problems. All are taken care of now and everything is going OK. As I have been looking for a bandsaw in my area for quite a while, I would like to know what others think about this saw which is a 8 month...
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    Band Saw Powermatic Model 149 Wood, Metal

    Hi Fellows and a Happy Thanksgiving. Need your help fairly quickly or about 2 hours. Anyone know anything about this bandsaw? Thanks, Chuck
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    Need a bandsaw bad!!!!

    Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me if this bandsaw is worth it's value? Delta 28-206 . First one that I have found in my local area. Anyone have any idea what the value of this saw might be? Thanks, Chuck
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    Really need some help here

    I really need a bandsaw so as to cut some circles for that spinny thing that I bought earlier this year. Please take a look as he will only hold for me tomorrow. Many inquires I guess and seems like he has it priced reasonably. Not much information on the ad, but it is a 14", no extra blades...
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    Rockwell Lathe

    SIL wants me to go to a auction with him next Saturday Aug. 18. Sale has a Rockwell lathe listed on it that is advertised with a 33" swing. No model number or anything and am trying to find out if this is the true swing or a misprint? Anyone know anything about a Rockwell lathe that had this...
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    OK guys I need help

    Have a neighbor that just had a 3' chineese? elm cut down:) . Some beuiftul grain in the Y and burls. Says that I can have all that I want of the big stuf, burls and Y's:thumb: . Is this any good for turning:huh: ? Let me know as I have help coming in the morning (Friday) to help me get it...
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    Wow!! This is fun!

    :wave: As told in previous post I bought a Rikon mini lathe. Got it all set up and was waiting on tools to arrive. Was told to check the head and tail stock points to match (poor photo). Matched perfect. Saturday afternoon Fed X truck pulls up (didn’t know they worked on Sat.:huh: ) with...
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    OK, now the glue?

    For segemated (red oak, walnut and maple). What would your expericenced turners recommend for the glue to tie this all together?:dunno: Thanks again, Chuck
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    OK, again need help!

    I am told that no matter what the price that you pay for turning tools that you should immediately "hone" them. BIL is sending me a new Norton oil base honing stone, but still would not know what to do with it other than the straight blades. I can sharpen a pocket knife to shave with, but sure...
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    Great Service!!!

    As most of the turners know I bought a Rikon mini lathe while Woodcraft had them on sale at $199.99. I ordered it at 10 AM on Tuesday the 17th and received it at 5:30 PM on Wednesday the 18th.:thumb: Everything was great but the center point for the live center was missing. Called Woodcraft...
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    OK, now

    that I have the Rikon mini on order and should arive in the next couple of days, is there any need to buy the bed extention:dunno: other than to make a baseball bat for the wife to chase Ken and Vaughn?:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Great turnings

    made me want to try. Just ordered the Rikon mini to at least learn from. You turners don't realize what you have gotten into with questions:huh: :huh: :huh: and then there is of course answering to wife:dunno: :doh:
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    Which lathe do I need?

    OK, Woodcraft has the Rikon Mini on special this week for $50 off. Would this do as a starter as well as the Jet Mini. Specs are pretty close. Give me some help as I have not touched a lathe (other than to make sure one worked) since I was in high school. Also please advise me on what I need...