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    Friday 27Nov20

    Long drive back home. 8 hrs. I'll head to the shop and gather my hunting gear for a Sunday hunt with a couple of HS friends.
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    Brushing Lacquer - Opinions?

    I've been using Goldens for a couple years now. Dying time is quick , leveling is glas perfect. Works great on wood and on my porcelain projects.
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    Brushing Lacquer - Opinions?

    What Mike said. I've used it for many projects over the years.
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    Happy thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    2 porcelain projects

    what's cool is when the customer can't find the breaks and I point them out. Both these customers were very happy.
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    Friday 20Nov20

    speaking on sinus's when I was in HS I worked along side the Doctor of the football team wrapping wrist and ankles before games I also was the revive the guy who got knocked out using an ammonia tab that I'd break and stick under the nose of the player. I always found it amusing how quick there...
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    Friday 20Nov20

    Usually by lunch for the guys on Friday, I'll need to add Shelly to the list. She has taken over the office ! I guess she has gotten to board in retirement. She's do a great job. Think I'll keep her around. Shop time with customers Saturday morning. Maye a hunt in the late afternoon. Sunday...
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Happy Birthday Mike
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    2 porcelain projects

    Because the previous break left the bowl with a slight unevenness I need to level some areas. Plus there was a few areas with missing shards which needed filling.
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    2 porcelain projects

    I use airbrush paint designed for porcelain and clear coat cold glaze
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    2 porcelain projects

    I use a 2 part epoxy filler and fine files to remove excess.
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    Office Sign

    Your carving yourself a nice niche Leo.
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    2 porcelain projects

    Both self explanatory. The blue white bowl is more challenging when it comes to matching colours.
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    Eyeglass wearers, a question

    I have a hard enough time breathing these day much less adding CO2 back in my lungs. I don't ware them above my nose.