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    Just in case...

    My time on the Amazon I was fortunate not to have cut myself. I do carry a hot glue in my hunting bag for such problems if they happen.
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    2 inches

    If we get 2" of rain this time of year it's 8"s of snow LOL
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    Rosewood utility knife

    Just noticed the knife is resting on a nice piece of Birds Eye.
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    Another drawing

    Darren Ink and a quill pen are a bit different from pencils and markers. The nib is a complex tip and all edges are use to draw , get a specific line. As the ink is released the line gets thinner. The guill is becoming a lost art form.
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    Buffalo painting underway

    This is coming together. Frank at some point I have to trust my abilities. When I think a painting , drawing or anything I decide to do just looks like "What is it ?" I work at visualizing the piece finished and get back to it.
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    Friday 2Dec22

    Today will be a busy but relaxing day, Start out with USA Soccer white working on the Buffalo painting. Then late afternoon Skylar turns 7. So big family dinner out. The card Shelly bought her is a Dog's theme 7.. since she has a 1 year old brother I'll have fun with this. I resurrected an...
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    Another drawing

    From a picture I took at the grand cayon. I do want to do a painting of this so now I'm doing a detailed drawing to get the feel for the painting.
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    Friday 2Dec22

    Not much happening here this weekend. Deciding if hunting Saturday will be an option.
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    Cliff climbing art

    Finished the finial 2 climbers. This was a fun quick little project.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all
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    I haven't watched a game in 6-7 years. This year I've watched one RedSkin game and last night watched Sundays game Vikings vs Bill's. V-B game was one of the most exciting games ever. Anyone see it? One handed catch of the year. 5 second fumble in the end zone. Some crazy football !
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    Friday 11/18

    Shop time this weekend for me.
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Happy Birthday Mike !
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    I dodged the bullet ---Again

    109 sounds good to me. as long as I can stay with the gym and ride a trike. :)
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    Friday 11Nov22 Veteran's Day

    Shelly and I both got it again. We're just calling it the common cold these days. Shelly shows positive so I figured I had it and stayed home a week layer I tested negative and went back to work.