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    Just in case...

    One thing I learned over the years is a great appreciation for big, fat red wasps. Just the solid red ones, mind you. They are your friends. They eat them big bad ants. Where I lived before, I would have those red wasps occasionally ride on my shoulder or arm. They made no act of aggression...
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    Wine Stoppers with Celtic Knot 🪢

    Downright cool! Those Celtic Knots really make them stand out.
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    The State of Education

    Let's face the reality of it. American education has gone down the sewer. And folks wonder why other countries have far surpassed us in sciences, etc. I've known a few teachers over the years. Some good, some not so good. I had to explain to one the difference between a tsunami and a...
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    Friday 2Dec22

    Not a lot happening around here. Been crappy weather so not much of anything happening outside. Still have some lingerings of the pneumonitis, so keeping the head low.
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    american born kids and their work ethic

    I have no solid answer to this. Not even much to say except kids grow up and learn according to their environment. I have seen what can only be described as a decline in "quality" in young Americans. Not all, for sure. But seems to be a steady increase. Education quality is dropping. It...
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    Lathe question.

    Alan, it sounds like you are trying to mount your blanks using the physical center instead of the weight center. I always use the weight center and it vastly reduced the vibration and lathe walking. I use a 1/2" piece of pipe in a flange. Stand it up on a level surface, put your wood on it...
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    Friday after Turkey Day

    Not much gonna happen here. Still recuperating from pneumonitis. Still cool and rainy. Great weather to get well from a lung infection with. Guess watch more monster movies with the doggies.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!
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    Proud Hunter

    They live amongst us! Scary, ain't it?
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    Shot my Thanksgiving turkey today

    :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    And now, of course!

    I get everything all ready to go with my little shop, minus a few amenities, and the other shoe dropped. According to my doctor, I have managed to cause the pneumonitis that I had a few years back to come back and bite me. He said it is rather rare that it comes back, but seeing I am a rather...
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    Just a little something I did with some spare time.

    Exquisite! Simply Exquisite!
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    Friday 11/18

    All kinds of things going on this weekend. With a small amount of luck, I might be able to start turning by Sunday. Got the lathe put together which was a monumental thing for one old fat to accomplish. Wasn't right for two days. Just have to get small stuff set up all will be good.
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    No prime rib this year

    The price of food across the board is ridiculous. Corn dogs are smaller. At least tamales haven't gone up that much. Yet. I used to have everybody over for Thanksgiving and grilled ribeyes. Not anymore. Uhuh
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Mike, you better have a great birthday today! If you don't the green gobbly gooker will come and get ya! Happy Birthday!