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    Mathematics of Vibration

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    past medical records.

    if their doctor is still in practice the answer is maybe.
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    some fancy Guitar play'n

    A little something to take you back to your youth.
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    Converting an old barn to a shop

    Darren maybe you can repurpose some of the lumber as sideing or even make a smaller garden shed from it.. this way she can keep alive the memory of the old structure. Just a thought
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    Merry Christmas outdoor sign

    I had to work yesterday and had honey dos this morning so I just had time to get a coat of paint on the sign. LOML picked the color. I still need to paint the back white. I also cut out a bunch of 1" standoffs so I can mount the letter on the mounting board that will provide the support. This...
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    Converting an old barn to a shop

    I have to agree with Ted and Larry looking at the picture several thing are very scary to my un-trained eye. Besides the leaning walls, crooked vertical supports and the rotted supports the ones where they have sistered in support columns really scare me. It sorted reminds me of a house of...
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    Got some sad news last night.

    My 50 year old nephew passed away last night and the cause was blood clots in his lungs brought on by Pneumonia which was a result of the Covid Virus. He had been hospitalized for several weeks and in intensive care for most of that time. He was a healthy young man and leaves behind a wife and...
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    candy dispenser finish

    I would use a dye to darken the wood, not a stain they are either water or alcohol based and will dry rather quick, then as Jim said shellac.
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    So, what's your angle?

    I agree with Bill, you zeroed the unit with the bottom of the unit flat against the table but when the reading was out of wack you were using the side. Like he said the side make not be perfectly square to the bottom.
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    a little electrical

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    Friday 20Nov20

    working on Saturday, got 2 appointment to do. Sunday I am planning to work on the Christmas Sign and maybe cut out another lil thing on the CNC. It's been in the high 80's all week and that'll continue though Monday then it's supposed to cool down a little.
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    My Gullible Neighbors

    ewe now I got that image stuck in my mind I'll never get it out.
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    Merry Christmas outdoor sign

    got the letters cut out today. Now I need to sand off the tab marks and paint them prior to mounting on a board. I will use 1" spacer between the mounting board and the letters. The lights will be mounted on the back of the letters.
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    well that was a bummer

    took a little longer but after completely taking the x Y and Z axis apart and re assembling then we are back in business.
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    well that was a bummer

    shouldn't take more than an hour or so to finish putting it back and making adjustments.