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    New battery operated nail gun

    Will drive a nail through a 2X4 at 50 yards away. Can enable you to build that fence around your yard from the convenience of your lawn chair. Just have that guy that owes you money or the one that never returns borrowed tools to help out by holding up the boards.
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    GPS ??

    Do you use a GPS unit and if so, what are your likes and dislikes about it? Thanks,
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    What is the best online booking site for traveling

    Looking to do a two day trip to LA Calif. Wondering if the online travel sites are the better way to go. If so what is your personal favorite. Is there a preferred hotel in LA that will allow one to see the better sites within walking distance or should I rent a car while there? Is the...
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    Cut down a tree for the sake of having stock

    Saw this quote in another thread, do any of you cut down perfectly good trees just for the sake of turning stock?:eek: When and if I need wood, I always look for trees already down.:clap:
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    Johnson's Paste Wax

    Seems like I read that some people are having problems finding some Johnson's paste wax to keep the iron from rusting. I have a Meijer store local to me (Lafayette) that has the 1 lb. cans on the shelf. If you can't find some and are wanting it bad enough, I'll get it for you at cost plus...
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    WoodSmith issue #116

    Does anyone have an extra issue they can get rid of? If not then do you have this mag and own a scanner? Looking for the plans for the Chimney Cupboard in that issue. Thanks
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    Will Toyota make an impact this year?
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    New England or New York

    Football poll? Who do you think will win? Patriots or Giants?
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    Ridgid tools

    This may be rehashing an old topic, I'm a Bosch guy myself, but how does one argue with a "lifetime" warranty? Maybe its time I re-evaluate my tool (cordless) purchases. Anyone take advantage or put to use the warranty offer yet?
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    Chair spindle duplication

    This is only my second commissioned work in the number of years I have been doing this hobby of woodworking. A friend asked me if I could duplicate a chair spindle that his young-in broke. So this is what I came up with. No duplication machine (obviously), all done by eye. He needs to take it...
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    Nascar Fantasy League on Yahoo

    Anyone interested in joining a Nascar fantasy league through Yahoo? Let me know and I'll PM you the group ID and password. its a free league and the winner only wins bragging rights.
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    Cool Tools on DIY network

    Does anyone/ or everyone watch the DIY show "Cool Tools"? Is it informative or just a look whats hot this week show?
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    FWW 2007 New Tool of the Year Honors

    I'd like to see what you think is the New tool of the year for 2007. Which tool that made its debut in '07 has made the biggest and best impact on the world of woodworking. A power tool, a hand tool, a lathe tool, a scroll saw tool, a flat work tool, any tool that came to be in 2007.
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    Indianapolis Wood Show Jan. 18

    Indy Wood Show Coming this month on Jan 18-20. Anyone planning on going?
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    2007 Popular Woodworking on CD

    The following is a "copy/paste" from an email. Not sure how magazines on CD fair in these parts, but a deal is a deal. Final Notice: Sale on 2007 CD Ends in Four Days [description]This is your final chance to get 20 percent off the NEW 2007 Popular Woodworking CD — but only until midnight on...